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  • Get 1,000 free EFIN coins simply by executing 10 Easy Trades on the eFIN platform.
  • Automatically receive free EFIN coins every month simply by staking TPAY coins.

This Limited Time offer is valid only for the first 200,000 eFIN sign-ups. There are now22,511 activated eFIN accounts.

eFIN is the world's first cross-chain DEX designed for ease-of-use. The Easy Trade feature allows for seamless one-click trading. Similar to ShapeShift, but completely decentralized and Tor network driven for maximum privacy. While ShapeShift charges nearly 2% fees, trading on eFIN is free for most users. Join now for more details!

Trade for Free*
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ERC-20 Tokens Supported
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Strategic Partnership with

The TokenPay core values have always been trust, transparency, and integrity. These characteristics, combined with a "Never Give Up" attitude, has earned it strategic partnerships with some of the biggest and most respected names in the blockchain industry.

With the goal being mass adoption of crypto, TokenPay set out to form meaningful strategic partnerships. In April 2018, TokenPay partnered with Verge Currency, a leading privacy coin well known for its use of Tor. A few months later, TokenPay signed an official partnership with Litecoin Foundation, led by Charlie Lee. Equity and technology deals with Germany's WEG Bank and Switzerland's TokenSuisse were also secured.

This partnership is a huge win-win for both Litecoin Foundation and TokenPay. I’m looking forward to integrating Litecoin with WEG Bank AG and its various services to make it easy for anyone to buy and use Litecoin. I’m also excited about Litecoin support in TokenPay’s eFin decentralized platform.

Charlie Lee Litecoin Founder

This is bold move [...] and groundbreaking for the crypto-industry. The best way to improve financial services is to integrate with them & Germany is the perfect place to begin

The move is seen as a very strategic move to get crypto to infiltrate the traditional banking system. It also paves the way for more mass adoption

We have throughly and diligently examined the prospects of a common future, and we became convinced that the future of banking will make adoption of such modern payment methods inevitable

is the Most Technologically Advanced DEX Coin

True decentralized trading platforms are notoriously slow, because transactions are done peer-to-peer, entirely on-chain.

The EFIN coin was developed as a bridge coin; to enable secure instant trading without using centralized 3rd parties.

It will achieve this with Native SegWit and Atomic Swaps between Bitcoin, TokenPay, Litecoin and other Infinitesimal- and Lighting Network-compatible chains.

  • EFIN uses multiple layer 1 privacy enhancements, including Ring Signatures, Schnorr Signatures, and Scriptless Scripts. Because EFIN will utilize 2nd layer protocols (Infinitesimal and Lightning Network), it uses an Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm to enable privacy-preserving multi-hop locks for these secret payment channels, combined with network-level privacy through encrypted data packages.
  • EFIN takes it a step further, by using Tree Signatures, which is effectively a “multi-sig on steroids”, enabling advanced decision making and cheaper transactions. It also incorporates RSK Smart Contracts (modified to work with Proof of Stake), which brings Turing-complete Smart Contracts to Bitcoin-based blockchains. This technology will be initially used to power an upcoming blockchain project that will innovate the online gaming industry.
*In progress. See whitepaper for details.

eFIN (and the EFIN coin) is deeply integrated with TokenPay’s merchant services platform, by powering the internal exchange mechanism that provides the tight buy and sell spread that merchants require. In the upcoming eFIN App Store, it will power advanced modules, such as an Automated Trading Engine and Automated Portfolio Management. It enables decentralized arbitrage for upcoming product and services markets, and serves as a decentralized blockchain voting mechanism.

Benefits of the Coin

  • Scalable

    An off-chain network of bi-directional payments ensures that the EFIN blockchain can easily handle future demand.

  • Private

    Tor encryption, Ring Signatures, Confidential Transactions, and RingCTs offer the level of privacy that you require.

  • Multi-Signature Security

    A "2-of-3" Multi-Signature address protects you in case either party doesn't send their coins. You're completely protected.

  • Speed

    Infinitesimal, Atomic Swaps, and Lightning Network Integrations provide for transactions as fast as possible.*

  • Usage Cases

    EFIN uses Atomic Swaps, Infinitesimal, and Lightning Network to act as a bridge coin to enable private, secure, fast transactions.

*Currently under development. See whitepaper for release details.

Trading Fees Distributed to Users of the DEX

In true decentralized fashion, revenues are distributed to eFIN users, known as Partners. eFIN Partnerships are now open to a limited number of participants.

Existing true decentralized exchanges, such as Bisq, are incredibly slow, primarily because all trades are done on-chain. So you have to wait for blockchain confirmations, which can take hours on some blockchains.

Through Blocksize, TokenPay has been working on a new 2nd-layer blockchain technology that will be deeply integrated into the EFIN coin, which creates a network of off-chain bi-directional payment channels that eliminates lengthy blockchain confirmation times and excessive mining fees. This innovative technology, called Infinitesimal, is what separates the EFIN coin from the rest. No other blockchain coin can rival the speed and privacy that EFIN offers*.

Lightning-Fast Transactions
No More High Mining Fees
Cross-Chain Atomic Swaps
RSK Smart Contracts
*Currently under development. See whitepaper for details.

Incentivized Liquidity Ensures Rapid Order Matching

A huge problem facing decentralized platforms is a severe lack of liquidity. Even the largest decentralized platforms only have about a $2.3 million daily trading volume. Contrast that to centralized exchanges, like Coinbase and Binance, that do billions in daily trading volume.

To create a more stable trading environment where open orders are quickly matched, eFIN uses a 2-pronged approach:

  • Users are incentivized through a distributed rewards system to both stake, store, and trade their coins on the eFIN platform, providing peer-to-peer liquidity.
  • Forming a network of integrated order books with other decentralized trading platforms. This collectively creates a giant decentralized network, ensuring that your trades will be matched as fast as possible.

Don't Trust, Verify — Run Your Own Nodes

Through its acquisition of Blocksize (an innovative Latin-American based blockchain development company), TokenPay has developed a decentralized trading platform that uses a new privacy coin that enables fast transactions, combined with a Proprietary Liquidity Solution that ensures your orders are matched and executed quickly.

eFIN is the only trading platform that gives you full control over your coins, under even the most stress-tested circumstances with a proprietary bulletproof self-validating solution.

For users that require the utmost level of security, you can setup your own full nodes to process and validate all of your wallet transactions. Running your own node also means that even if eFIN servers get attacked or go down, you can still use your wallets.

With eFIN, you can make the blockchain safer by setting up your own full node to process all your wallet transactions. Don't trust, verify.

Stake TPAY For EFIN Coin Rewards

Sign up to eFIN now in order receive free EFIN coin rewards simply by staking TPAY, which is the native TokenPay blockchain. Staking powers the blockchain network and its critical decentralized security infrastructure. Those who stake coins are therefore rewarded by the Proof-of-Stake algorithm.

With the introduction of the eFIN platform, those who stake TPAY not only benefit by receiving staking rewards awarded in TPAY, but now receive EFIN coins as well. To qualify for these EFIN coin awards, simply join the eFIN platform. Partners benefit from a 5x - 12x EFIN coin staking reward multiplier.

Coin has been Specifically Designed for this DEX

eFIN is the first ever cross-chain easy-to-use DEX that allows users to control their own coins and nodes. The EFIN blockchain coin was built to power this vast decentralized trading platform which runs on Tor network for maximum user security and privacy.

The EFIN blockchain was built with privacy in mind. No other privacy coin matches the level of security that discerning users demand for their transactions without sacrificing speed and security. Upcoming privacy enhancements will include Schnorr Signatures, Scriptless Scripts, Tree Signatures, and Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithms*

*Currently under development. See whitepaper for release details.

$1.6 Billion+ Have Been Stolen from Centralized Exchanges

Unlicensed and unregulated crypto asset exchanges are being regularly hacked and exit scammed. Trusting one of these rogue exchanges with your coins is like giving a stranger access to your bank account and just praying that no funds disappear.

Decentralized exchanges sound great in theory. You keep control over your own assets and your own private keys. You don’t have to trust a third party with your crypto and your data, and you get to maintain your privacy. Unfortunately, these exchanges have their own problems. They’re slow, they’re not privacy-focused, and they have very little liquidity.

Because eFIN features decentralized custody, users always maintain complete control over their coins and private keys. Even if eFIN servers go down, users always have full access to crypto wallets. A proprietary liquidity solution ensures rapid-fire matching of your trades, and the EFIN coin provides near-instant transaction times along with many other critical privacy and order execution driven features.*

*Under development. Read whitepaper for additional information.

List of Major Centralized
Cryptocurrency Exchange Thefts

Total amount stolen $1.6 Billion+

is Superior to Other DEX Platforms

Most of the decentralized exchanges out there aren’t really decentralized, and they leave a lot to be desired.

Even some of the biggest decentralized platforms aren't usable by traders. They have no liquidity and they hold your crypto assets. This is not what a DEX should be.

eFIN is the only decentralized trading platform that is truly non-custodial, privacy-focused, intuitive, liquid, and incorporates the EFIN coin to ensure lightning-fast DEX trading absent of excessive mining fees.*

*Currently under development. See whitepaper for details.


is the Critical Hub of the TokenPay Ecosystem

eFIN is the decentralized hub of the TokenPay financial ecosystem. Every “silo” in the TokenPay network relies on this exchange platform, including merchant services, fiat conversions, and gaming. This technology will be integrated throughout the entire ecosystem as the exchange engine for all transactions.

The EFIN coin directly ties into this integration by being the first coin to support Infinitesimal, which will provide the near-instant transaction speeds that users and merchants demand. The EFIN coin is more technologically advanced, specifically designed as an exchange transaction coin, and is a vital component of the entire TokenPay ecosystem.

Enjoy €3,173 in Yearly Savings with eFIN's Easy Trade

One-click trading platforms make it easy to trade digital assets, but users have historically paid big for that convenience. However, Easy Trade enables seamless swaps at a fraction of the cost compared to other platforms, while protecting user privacy and security with a Tor driven, decentralized network.

* Savings calculated based on executing 5 trades a day for a year, for the equivalent of €100 each, compared against ShapeShift's Precise pricing option in December 2018. Trading and annual fees listed in table are calculated based on difference in spread between BTC/ETH and back, using both fixed and variable pricing options.